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Aerial Lift Platform

104 Meter Aerial Lift Platform, These machines are certified to work in wind speeds of 17.5 meters per second.

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Ocean Work Cranes

Ocean Work Cranes Inc. is an Aerial Lift Platform Company that specializes in Wind Turbine blade and tower repair.  We work on 100 meter turbines and communication towers throughout USA, Canada and Mexico.

We supply equipment, materials, operators and blade technicians for complete blade repairs in the air.  We have operated a fleet of aerial lift platforms and cranes for over 30 years and have been heavily involved in wind turbines for over two decades.  Our aerial work platforms exceed 100 meters.

We have 104 meter aerial lift platforms which are the highest in North America,  complete with air, water, hydraulic and electric power in the 14‘ wide platform.

These are fully self-contained mobile units with the ability to completely tear down and move to another tower and self-erect in minutes enabling us to get to several towers during the day.

These units are very efficient for blade repairs and inspections as they make the transition from highway mode to fully operational at hub height in the matter of a few minutes with a fairly significant saving in time for our customers.

These features make these units an excellent choice for tower and blade inspections, transmission line work, repairs and cleaning, among other things.